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Kiss of the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon Another great book, in this Amazing series..

Wulf.. You yummi Viking, you.. I'm from the land of Vikings, but I have never seen or met my own Viking.. Hmm.. What's up with that? I mean.. seriously?

With that said, I thought it was so cool to read his 'viking' words of endearment, which were in my own language.. Not that often you get that in a PNR book.. Loved that.. Even though he called Cass 'flowers' at one point and we wouldnt really use that word as a nickname, but nevertheless it was cool to see Danish words in the book.. :)

Anywho.. The story about these two, had me hooked from their first meeting, at the club. The 27 year old deadline, just made it a lot more important, and my heart broke for them the closer they got.. Hmm.. I dont know if me turning 27 myself in a couple of months worked against me, while reading this book though.. lol

I cant wait to start the next book, and now you'll have to excuse me, I need to go out hunting for my own Viking warrior..