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Blood Red - Sharon Page I didnt know whether or not to give this book 3 or 4 stars, but considering some of the other books I've given 4 stars, I had to only give it 3..

Ok, lets get to it..

This book is freakishly hot.. I mean, sweet Jesus, there is a lot of hot sex in this book.. That is, if you're into M/F/M sex.. And a lot of other ways to do it..

This girl is lucky enough to get, not just one, but two hot vampires in her bed.. Hotness!! I'm so jealous.. Even though they are brothers.. Which is a little nasty, but I tried to forget that while reading..

Yeah, the story line is not anything special, and there was a lot of describing, which I admit, I just quickly skimmed to get to the next steamy scene, and thank God, there were a lot of those!