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Beyond the Highland Mist (The Highlander Series, Book 1) - Karen Marie Moning After finishing this book I'm a little torn about it.. I mean, I liked it, but I recall a number of times, where I just wanted to put it down, because it made me roll my eyes, and think "Seriously?"..

The girl 'Adrienne' was the number one reason for me rolling my eyes.. She was just too irritating and acted like a little bitch throughout most of the book.. I mean, even after she realized she liked this big Highlander, she still kept up being a bitch, and pushing him away? What? Why? I just really wanted to smack her at that point, and I'm usually a lover not a fighter.. lol

And then there is the whole moving back in time thing.. Come on, would anyone from this time really want to be back in 1513? Yeah ok, you'll get a hot husband, but what about showers? Toilets? Hospitals? Whatever?

I guess, the only thing she wanted from 1997 was her cat.. Yeah.. Ok then..