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Amaury's Hellion - Tina Folsom Wow, I really loved this one..

We got so more much of the characters in this second book, and Amaury was just pure yumminess.. I loved Nina as a heroine too. She was strong and didnt take any crap from him, and I loved that..

And then, of course, there were the hot, steamy, hot, yummi, did I mention the hot as hell, sex scenes? I mean.. Sweet Jesus.. This series could be one of the hottest I've read..

I can only hope that the author keeps up her excellent writing in the 3rd book.. I think she took a huge step from book number 1 to this one (even though I also enjoyed the first, and couldnt put it down either) and that gives me even higher expectations for the next one, when it comes out.. I'll definitely be the first in line to get it!