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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide - J.R. Ward After having gone a week in complete BDB withdrawal, it was good to get my hands on this book, so I could spend some time back in the company of these fine brothers..

This is definetely a book every BDB lover should get. Its full of goodies, including a short story about Z, Bella and Nalla.. And considering that Z is my guy - Sorry Bella - I was definitely not complaining about that..

The Brothers on the board were hilarius, they made me LoL for real.

There were some stuff the WARDen wrote in this, that I definitely didnt like though. She mentioned something about looking forward to writing Blays book, and also Qhuinns book, like they dont get the same? Seriosuly.. I'm so sueing her ass, if she doesnt give Qhuay a HEA.. Just sayin!

And then there was the "Why did you lie?" thruth or dare from V to the WARDen.. OMG! I SO need to know what thats all about. Has to be about him and the Cop, right?.. There were just too many V and Butch moments in this book/guide! Too many for me to handle..

Anywho.. If ever you are feeling the BDB withdrawal, having this book definitely helps.. It's a must have!