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Sin Undone - Larissa Ione Another 5 star book in the Demonica series..

I knew Sin's story would be one helluva ride, and that it definitely was.. Another amazing book, in this a-fucking-mazing series..

It just has everything, a PNR reader wants.. It makes you laugh out loud, turn the pages with excitement, and dont even get me started on the steamy sex scenes in this book.. I mean.. One word.. Snowball!

Thats all I'm saying.. I can never make a snowball, and not flush ever again, thats for sure.. Hotness!

I also loved being back with Lore again.. Just thinking about his book.. Mmmm.. *Drooling* can never get enough of Lore POV..

Anywho.. This was just an amazing book in an amazing series..