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Ecstasy Unveiled - Larissa Ione Ok, so seriously.. Where can I buy me, my own Lore?

Sweet Jesus, I think I may be in love.. :)

Gods, I loved this book.. Definitely me favorite so far, in this series.. Lore.. Mmm.. *Drooling* and Idess.. They were just too perfect.. I loved the build up from the start.. I loved their interaction, and even though I think its annoying if the heroine is too sweet and sappy, Idess were ust perfect, and her 'sweetness' just made her better IMO.. And then there is Lore.. Mmmm.. I want him.. Thats all I can think about right now, so I'm moving on..

If I had to say something bad, it has to be that I wished we could have gotten a lot more POV's from Lore or Idess.. There were a lot of other POV's and that kinda annoyed me, when I just wanted to get back to some more Lore action, you know? ;o)

With that said, I still think this book was amazing, and I cant wait to start the next one in the series.. A book about Sin.. That has to be a wild ride from the start, true? :)