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Lover Mine - J.R. Ward 5 stars? Are you kidding me? This books needs at least, 389 freakin stars.. Its just that bloody good!

From the first time she was introduced, I wasnt really feeling Xhex, because of that hard-core wannabe male crap, but sweet Jesus, I almost feel ashamed after reading this book.. Forgive me Xhex?

Her and JM are just too freakin cute together.. And this book, with everything they went through, and the way they ended up, was just too perfect.. TOO perfect!

With that said, there were another love story, in this book, that got me worked up even more.. And there is only one word to describe that one, and its.... Qhuay! Oh sweet mother of Jesus!! Those two... Tsk-tsk.. Get your act together Qhuinn, God dammit.. If I need two people to end up together, it has to be them.. I'm not even joking here.. So if you're reading this, J.R Ward (and of course you are ;) you have to do your job, as an amazing author, and write their HEA, and I dont mean a sad short story. I dont care if publishers are scared of the whole M/M theme, and I dont really give a shit, but you just have to write that story, do you hear me? Good..

To sum this book up in 3 words...: Absolutly -fucking- amazing!

(Oh yes, I said the F-word.. Deal with it.. ;)