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The Vampire's Bride - Gena Showalter Even though I always dislike it when a former lover/mate is a big part of a story, I found myself really liking this book..

From the first mention of Susan, I was about to burn this book though, because I was sure it would leave me the same way as 'Night Embrace' Dark-Hunter #3 did.. That book had the same theme, but for some reason I didnt react to The Vampire's Bride, as I did to Night Embrace (which was not a good reaction at all ;) and thats definitely a good thing..

But maybe thats just because of Gena's writing, which I absolutly love.

With that said, I still would have liked it better without the whole Susan thing, but Layel and Lilah definitely made a great book, and now its on to the last short story which I hope will wrap up this series in a great way.. But with Gena, I have no doubt about that..