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Heart of the Dragon  - Gena Showalter Seriously.. If I were into girls, I would so be in love with Gena Showalter.. I mean, she is just pure genius, and her books nothing but awesomeness.. Yes, thats a real word.. ;)

I've read her LOTU series, and loved (and I mean LOVED) it, so that I absolutly love this one too, shouldnt surprise me. But its probably because I loved LOTU so much that I was a bit scared to start this series. What if I didnt like it? I would almost feel like cheating on Gena if I didnt, in some weird (and very strange) way.. lol

But after having read this book, I feel like I should be ashamed not believing in Gena enough.. lol Thís book has all the good things you look for in a paranormal romance, and top it off with the way Gena writes and you have yourself one hell-of-a book!

I cant even count how many times I laughed out loud while reading this one. Loved it! And now I cant wait to start the next one in the series.. Gena Showalter, you seriously rock!