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Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5) - J.R. Ward So.. Yeah.. What to say here..

First.. After having read number 4 in this series, I was really stoked about starting this one.. Then I made the mistake of reading the reviews (and I admit, some of the spoilers - because thats what I do ;) and it scared the crap out of me.. Actually to the point, that I had to put this book away until I had forgotten the bad reviews..

I couldnt really forget them though, so on a boring Sunday afternoon I picked it up and what happened? I ended up reading the whole thing in one go, and went to bed at 2 in the morning..

So yeah, that whole ghost thing sucks, but as long at they are both happy about it, and they can touch each other and what not, I dont feel too bad for V. I mean, he is probably my fave after Z, but I felt like he was happy at the end, and that is what matters, no?

I'm not really feeling Phury and Cormia though.. Yet.. But I hope his book will change that.. :) And it was actually really hard for me to imagine JM after the change. I mean, its been so easy picturing him as this small boney kid, and now he is supposed to be 'Brother-hotness' all of a sudden? I dont know, maybe its just me. And maybe its because I'm not really feeling Xhey either.. Considering that JM is scared of sex, because he was raped by a male, it doesnt make sense that he would be this attracted to a girl - who looks like a boy, right? Anyway.. I'll shut up now.. Read the book though, the whole ghost thing is really not that bad, and I think that this love story is one of the better, in the series.. I love Jane.. And when I cant have V, she will definitely do.. ;o)