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Do you know the kind of fics that hurt you, but you don't care because it hurts so good?


This is a Teen Wolf, Stiles and Derek fanfic and its amazing.. It really is.


It’s weird though, because even though it feels somewhat AU, it still feels so canon! It legit feels like all of this could happen, word for word in 3B, and I wouldn’t even be surprised. This author knows how to write these characters, for reals! Like, wow.


This is a long fic, and although there are supernatural creatures, its basically 100.000 words of Derek being the self-sacrificing, 'you’re too good for me’, idiot that he is. And that’s why this hurts.. It’s the kind of fic where you, from the first word, have a giant ball of angst in your stomach. But it’s also the kind of fic that makes you laugh out loud, because Stiles is written perfectly, and Stiles makes people laugh.


This is not what Derek signed up for. Not even close.


“I’m not staying for this. I have important things to do, Stiles.”


“What, like waxing your chest? “



This is the kind of fic that makes you want to quote it again and again, because there are so many amazing ones. Funny, sweet, beautiful and heart-breaking.



He grins, and Derek returns it because he’s weak and an idiot for Stiles, and his forgiveness feels like a wave of relief. Heady. And he’s stupidly beautiful, and Derek wants to just touch his cheek, but he stays in the chair. Holds onto the arms for strength.




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I feel like I could go on forever about this fic, but all I need to say is that it’s amazing, and it’s about Stiles and Derek and you should read it… You really should.


5 stars.