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The Butt - Will Self
This is without a doubt the weirdest story I have ever read.

I’m not saying I didn’t like it though, but damn… So weird..

And I’ve read some weird shit.

Anyway.. This is a story about Tom, who is on vacation in a made-up country (which I’m pretty sure is Australia with a Belgian accent…. o_O) with his 4 kids and his wife.. The first time we meet him he is smoking his last cigarette and he decides to throw the butt of it, over the balcony from his hotel room..

Yeah… Bad move, dude.

Shit happens..

The following is how that incident is being laid out in the courtroom (yes, the courtroom).

”That on the 26th of August this year, the defendant, Thomas Jefferson Brodzinski, at that time temporarily resident at the Mimosa Apartments on Dundas Boulevard, did wilfully, and with full cognizance of the likely effects of his malicious action, employ a projectile weapon with a toxic payload to assault Mr Reginald Lincoln the Third – hereinafter referred to as the victim –“

Best description of a cigarette butt ever, btw!

Anywho.. Yes, shit happens to Tom, because in this made-up land *cough*Ausgian?*cough* nothing is normal and Tom has to do a lot to make it up to Mr Reginald Lincoln..

This book contains weird made-up names, words, mistakes and yeah, it’s just very weird.

I want to thank the author for the ending though! FINALLY not a HEA!!