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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

Exgangster - Josh Bazell, Mich Vraa I read the Danish version of this book, I really wish I hadn’t – not because the translator did a bad job, but because its full of slang words and words that doesn’t really translate into Danish, and therefore I think the original would be better if you have a choice.


Well, the book was on sale, and I liked the blurb, so boughtn’t it was..

Ok, that last sentence; very Yoda-ish, huh? Right?


This book is told from the POV of “Peter Brown” who is a Doctor now, but used to be a hit man for the Italian mob. He’s in the witness protection program, when we meet him, but when he has to tend a former “colleague” we start to learn about his history.. And that include his hit man history, family history, love life history, and everything in between.

You get this story told by “Peter” himself in a rough, tough, funny and super sarcastic way..

I really, really like the way this book is written. I really like “Peter” and his way with words -if that’s because I’m super sarcastic myself, I will leave unanswered, but whatever the reason, it definitely works for me, so much indeed that I already located book #2 and boughtn’t it has been.

Again with the Yoda-ish talk, huh? No? Crap.

4 stars.