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Kolonien - Pierre Robert It’s really hard to review and rate this book because I have nothing to compare it to. At all.

This book is written like a manuscript from a Danish guy, Martin, who was “kidnapped by Aliens” in 1984. The story/manuscript was delivered to Martins brother, by a guy from Canada, in 2006 who said he was Martin’s son.

[insert spooky sound]

That’s not a spoiler btw, because it says so on the back cover.

I don’t know what to call this. Sci-fi? Thriller? Mystery?

The actual story is OK, I guess, a bit tiresome at times, and very descriptive. The author (no, I don’t believe that this is non-fiction) has definitely created a world in his head and he’s very good at delivering that to the readers. It’s somewhat easy to see, or picture, the places and the aliens people Martin meet, thanks to the author..

After finishing I’m a bit torn, because I liked the story, and the writing, but at the same time it feels wrong giving the book more than 3 stars.

The worst thing though is the FB page for the book. It says that there are “riddles” to solve, and I can’t seem to do that.. Ughh!

If anyone is reading this, and have actually solved those mysterious riddles? Please let me know! Like, ASAP!

3 stars.