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Julie (in Danish) - Anne Fortier Its been a while since I've read a book, where there's no biting during sex, or just no sex at all.. And its been a while since I've read a book, where there's not one single guy-on-guy make out scene.. (Yeah, dont ask ;) And its been even longer since I've read a book in Danish.. and I kinda wish I hadnt actually.. I didnt like the translation -at all- which is very strange considering that the author is from Denmark. I cant believe she approved this version, but whatever.. The translator was probably drunk when she/he did this.. ( We like being drunk in Denmark FYI ;)

Not counting the translation, I really enjoyed this book. I thought the plot was great, and it definitely had me turning the page in wonder, and I couldnt wait to find out what happened next.

The book is 523 pages long, and I was reading the last 100 pages up until page number 500 on a train, and I'm pretty sure everyone could see from my facial expressions just how exciting the book was getting. Me biting my nails, shaking my head, when there was a new twist (and there were a lot) and I caught myself laughing out loud a couple of times.. (Yes, very embarrassing BTW) Mostly on the expense of Janice though..

We're reading this from Julie's (her name is Julie, in the Danish version) POV, and I really dont like 1st person POV's, but I think it worked out fine in this book.

I dont know if it was just because I missed something, or its because of the 1st person POV, but even after finishing this book, I cant tell you what Julie looked like. I thought she was kinda 'blah' and she was never mentioned as being as beautiful as the first 'Juliet' but that probably doesnt matter though.. This book is about love, and the story of Romeo and Juliet (Or Julie as it is in Denmark)

I wanted Julie and Romeo to end up together, from the first time they met, when they didnt like each other at all, and I got my wish! So for that, and for making me look like an idiot on the train, this book definitely deserves 4 stars!

If it hadnt been for a translator on drugs, it could probably be a 5 star book...