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God mod nordenvind - Daniel Glattauer

That's my review, and I'm sticking to it!

Or maybe not..

This is a book which is written through emails between two people who dont know eachother and we follow them from the first email to the last....

Or was it the last?!?!

Stupid, freaking, cliffhanger!!

My problem now is this:

I have the Danish hardback version of this book, and in order to please my OCD, I also have to have the Danish hardback version of the 2nd book.. but! That book hasnt even been released yet?! Arghh.. How the fuck am I supposed to wait for that? Grrr...
Now I'm really regretting not listening in German class in school.. I could have just picked up the original if I had, but nooo.. Now I have to wait forever and ever.. Oh God, I feel really sorry for myself.. (Can you tell? ;)

Anyway.. This is amazing, such a great story, and its epistolary, which definitely is my weakness in the world of books..