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Long Black Cadillac - B.A. Tortuga

I chose this book for a challenge where I needed to read a book with the word 'Black' in the titel. I chose the very first book I found, and have had it on my TBR list since. For some reason I never picked this one to read though, and it took me my very own personal book chooser, to finally start reading it earlier today.. And I guess I should thank that person, because wow.. I really liked this book!

Let me tell you.. The first 30% of this story (Kindle version, so no page numbers) were some of the hottest I've read in a m/m book (and Dear Gods, I've read a lot - Thanks Qhuay! ;) The sexual tension these two had, was insane.. They had it right from the beginning and almost had me whimpering..

This book is about Vance, a vampire hunter, and Clay, the vampire he needs to hunt and kill. It doesnt quite work out that way, and they end up lusting (*purrs*) after eachother instead, and when Vance's boss comes looking for him, they decide that its better to kill him instead of being killed themselves. Which I kinda have to agree with, I guess..

Vance! Jesus Christ, I loved him! After the first page I think the word "fuck" had been used.. um.. maybe 50 times.. And I'm not even joking here.. But it sooo worked! Vance is just a "fuck. me." kind of guy, and you seriously cant help but love him!

I think its the first time I've given 4 stars to a book, which has a lot of 'sharing' in it.. Normally I hate that, because I'm a MINE type of girl, so I dont get the whole sharing thing. And there was definitely a lot of sharing going on in this book. Remy, Clay's little helper, got in on the action, and somehow that was Ok.. Granted I still had the "Just go away Remy" at first, but its just impossible not to fall in love with sweet little Remy, so I had to give in..

Maybe the reason, I gave in, was because I got a lot of MINE moments too. Even though Clay thought of Remy as his little helper, it was clear from the beginning that Vance was his, and only his, and that definitely helped me like this book. A lot!

Vance ends up a vampire himself, and if I thought the sex was hot before that? *shivers* Oh Damn.. That definitely took it to a whole new level. Hot hot hot!

I must say though that the plotline has been seen a million times before, and it didnt leave me with teary eyes (I know! What a shocker..) but it has its very own rhythm though, and you get sucked right in.

Remy ends up finding himself a hot vamp too, and that just made the book even better IMO. So no sharing anymore!! Whoop Whoop..

Now Vance and Clay can be together, just the two of them, for as long as a vamp lives these days.. And with these two hot guys, I hope thats forever..

4 stars.