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Afhopperen - Mine 20 år i Scientology - Robert Dam
Ok, so here's the deal.. I'm an atheist. Yeah, I said it.. And one of those atheists who just can’t understand the idea of "believing" in anything.. umm.. "Godly" if you will..

With that said, I respect anyone who believes in anything, but I still like to argue the point..

There is one cult religion that I just don’t get though.. And that’s Scientology.. I’m pretty sure that I would react the same way I do when I see a spider, if a person introduced themselves to me as a Scientologist, which means that I would do the “scream loud and run away” option. Yes, Scientology creeps me the eff out scares me. Of course I’ve known a bit about the cult religion, but I’m no professor in this subject, so when I heard the news, that there was a Danish scientologist who had decided to write a “tell all” book, I was almost squealing in pure delight!

This book is the story of a middle-aged Danish man, who joined Scientology as a very young man, after he had been stopped by a recruiter in Copenhagen, given a “personal test” where they apparently could see all his faults, and where they sold him the idea, that if he just got “audited” he could make his dreams of becoming a professional musician come true. Of course it didn’t end that way. But this book is the story of Roberts 20 years in Scientology.

And holy crap.. Like.. Holy.. Freaking.. Crap..

The book starts out a bit slow, the chapters change from Robert’s early life in Scientology to the history of Scientology itself, and how it started and so on. Very, very interesting.. About 130 pages into the story, it goes up a notch, because it’s here Roberts starts seeing the “Scientology” dream in another way, and wow, they don’t let you get away with that.. Wow..

I thought this was a very, very interesting book. There were some moments where I was scared that I had actually ended up giving money to Scientology, by buying this book, because it was unclear if Robert and his family had truly left the “church.” (Like there are some people who don’t eat meat, I could never dream of giving money to cults, which is also why I would never pay to see a Tom Cruise movie.. Sounds over-the-top, I know, but hey, that’s me.. lol He’s just too freaky..)

Anyway, back to the book.. Great book, as I said, it’s very interesting, and I love how I’m now even more prepared for a meeting with a Scientologist: You want me to take a “personality test” do you? Well, I would love to, just explain to me, what the level “OT III: The Wall of Fire‎” is, then??

FYI. If you ever want to get out of a conversation with a Scientologist, just ask about “level OT III - The wall of fire” Apparently, it’s the most secret and dangerous level, that the Scientologists have. They get told that it’s so dangerous, that the world will end if they talk about it to people under level OT III. South Park made a whole episode about OT III and Tom Cruise in 2004, and the world hasn’t ended yet, so I guess we’re good! ;o)

Even with everything Robert goes through, he still ends up writing that he has no regrets.. Which is kinda weird, I think. But all in all, a great biography, and I think every Scientologist should read this book.. Go on.. I dare you.. ;op