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Claras Krig - Clara Kramer I'm really lost for words after finishing this book.. I actually just want to bawl my eyes out..

Most of us have read Anne Frank's Diary (and if you havent, please run to your local bookstore and pick up a copy.. Seriously..) and I guess this is the same kind of book.. Its about Clara, who suvived the 2nd World War, hiding under a house, with 13 other people, for almost 2 years..

And when you read this, its just unbelievable that this is a true story. Its heartbreaking and just... so wrong.. These people, and the family that hid them.. Wow.. Just.. Wow..

The heroes that hid them - The Beck family - were just as flawed as the rest of us. We read about them fighting and what not, but there should be statues of these people everywhere in the world.. Heroes.. And considering my last name is Beck too, I cant help but be proud.. Which is stupid, because I, definitely, am no hero, but the fact that I share a last name with these heroes, I cant help but smile.. And be proud of them..

This is such a heartbreaking book to read. I was hooked from the 1st page, which probably is an awful thing to say, yeah well, considering that its a true story, but never-the-less, I was.. I cried more than once (and twice) but that's to be expected with a book like this, I guess.. True and heartbreaking.. But still with a happy ending for Clara..

I cant even imagine what its like to have to grow up thinking that this could be your last day to live, and honestly, I dont want to, but still, I stink everyone should read this book. Or other books like this. That people had to live like this, had to survive like this, cant ever be forgotten, if it does, all the good, people like the Becks have done would be for nothing. I'm not Jewish, I'm not even religious in any way, but this is such an important book, that everyone should read..