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Spoils of War - Kari Gregg
This was a very quick read about Micah, a prince, who was turned into a slave and a whore. And he also stopped talking when he was captured, so that would make him a mute, whoring slave?

Anyway. Eli, saves him, and they fall in love and live happily ever after.. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up, I guess..

I did really like Eli.. Except, you know, that he took this little boy (yes, we keep getting told that Micah looks like a little boy) infront of families with kids running around.. And when I write "took"? Yeah, I mean it in the sexual way.. So here he is, Eli, 10 years older then a guy, that looks like a little boy, screwing him on a tree log infront of kids running around.. Hmmm..

Anywho.. Yes, it was a sweet story, but sadly it had almost all of the things that I dont like in a story, so it was kinda doomed from the start.

I would have liked to see Micah do Eli though.. *shrugs*