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Vampire Vow - Michael Schiefelbein

Ok, so I guess this could be the ultimate unrequited love story..

Good Gawd..

Its about a guy, a soldier, who lived at the same time of Jesus (Yes, The Jesus) and fell in love with him. Victor, the soldier, wanted Jesus to give up his love for his religion, so that they could be together, but of course Jesus wouldnt do that, and he later died on a cross..

So Victor goes insane, with the hurt that Jesus left behind, he becomes a vampire, and vow's to revenge against Jesus and his religion by bringing the religion down, so-to-speak..

He does that by "becoming" a munk, joining their monasteries, burning them down, when he leaves.. Of course he needs to feed to, and trust me, this is no sweet Vamp.. No, he kills everything and everyone. Kids, old women, animals, whatever.. And you get the bloody details!

He's determined to find his soulmate, the one who can make him forget Jesus.. He think's he's found that in Michael. A young munk.. Not so much though, and after losing him too, he goes on a killing sprea, burns the Monastery down and leaves for New Orleans..

For some fucked up reason, I kinda liked Victor.. I dont know why. I havent figured out his story yet, other than he loves his Jesus (the boy, not the religion) and that he wants revenge..

Interesting plot indeed..