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The Way We Almost Were - Ryan Field I thought this was a sweet book. It didnt really get me all worked up, but I loved Allan..

I had a weak moment where I really wanted Allan and Micky to end up together.. I mean, how sweet was the moment they had at the end?

I really didnt like Jacob all that much, and kinda hated him for walking out on Allan all the time. Whats up with not staying to fight for your relationship, dude? And Allan even kept saying that Jacob had a power over him. So I didnt really want them to end up together.

But after walking out on Allan, yet again, he comes back after a year, when Allans life is finally going somewhere, and proposes to him out of the blue.. And of course, with the power Jacob has over him, Allan says yes.. Hmmmm....

It did sound like Jacob had finally come out, so to speak, and was ready for an 'open' life with Allan, being the "extreme" person he is, but still.. I dont really know.. I still kinda wish Micky would wake up gay one day, and sweep Allan of his feet like he derserves..

But I guess Jacob did that with a big diamant ring at the end... ?