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Crescendo - Rachel Haimowitz Hmm.. This is hard. Well, after my review of book number 1, I guess there is no easy way to start this.. lol

The first book left me with such an intense "I want mooore" feeling.. Which I guess you can see in my review..

And I dont know if it was the wait that killed that intense feeling or what, but sadly I didnt get it back while reading this book.

Dont get me wrong. I liked it. I loved that the elf Ayden and the human Rík finally got their HEA.. But it just didnt grab me, at all, like this last book did.

There were way too much, horseback riding, sleeping and other unimportant things going on, and not enough Ayden and Rík IMHO..

I did get a Mine moment though, and thats almost my favorite part in any book.. :)