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Oracle - R.J. Scott

*sniff sniff sniff*

What a great book this is.. I read this in one go, and was absolutly hooked from the first page.

Yeah, I teared up a bit when Edward died, but just the fact that Alex couldnt tell him that he loved him, gave it away that they werent meant to be..

In comes Luke.. Sweet, nerdy, brainy Professor Luke.. Aww I loved him..

I loved the story, the plot, the characters, and more than anything I loved how we got this beautiful love story, intertwined in a seriously interesting plot that just had me turning the pages with excitement, and gasping out loud (for real) when something new happened..

Whats to say about Alex and Luke? They were definitely meant to be, and I LOVED how Luke's name was the only tattoo that wasnt removed. I LOVED how Alex finally got to say those 3 words that means so much.. (and that was where I cried for real btw.. lol ;)

All in all I just really loved this book! 5 stars for sure..