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Called by Blood - Evie Byrne So this is my problem with this book: It was too short!

Yeah, that's actually the only negative thing I can say about this one. I liked Helena and I loved Alex, and the way he just thought he could walk up to a complete stanger, and tell her that they are to be married? I mean.. Thats just so sad its funny.. lol

I liked their chemistry from the beginning, and I liked how long she fought this. Like every other normal girl, would have done, in her shoes.. I would think?

But I think that we could have gotten so much more of their relationship, if the book would have been just a little longer.. These two have seriously hot chemistry.. I mean.. Steamy and did I mention hot chemistry?? But we didnt get nearly enough of it..

And I think the ending just proves my point.. Or maybe I should say: What ending?