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Second Sight - Sean Michael I dont really know how to review this.

I liked it. But at the same time, I dont think I really should like it. This book is one of the.. um.. weirdest books I've read.. I mean.. It's quite literally one long sex scene..

Before starting this book, I read one review, where it said that the person didnt like how many times the characters told eachother "I love you". I remember thinking, that it couldnt be that bad.. Yeah.. I was wrong.. They deinitely use the word 'love' a lot.. A little too much, but then again, I kinda felt how much they loved eachother, and maybe hearing it that often helped..

I liked the story, I really did, and I even ended up with teary eyes at the end, but I get that a lot from happy endings, so maybe that doesnt say much, but I really did enjoy reading this.

I would have liked a bit more plot or story though. Yeah, the sex was hot, but we could have done without, lets say, 223 of the sex scenes and still been left with a steamy story.