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Too many books - too much fanfiction - too little time

Alliance In Blood (Partnership in Blood) - Ariel Tachna I thought this was relly good. A really interesting book that combined vamps with wizards.. Throw in a sweet love story, and you have yourself a really great first book in a series..

I'm hoping that the relationship between Alain and Orlando (who I just love!) will be explored through out the next 3 books. They are still in the puppy love stage right now, well, considering that they "married" after knowing each other for less than 2 days, its as puppy as it gets, but even with that I loved how much they wanted eachother from the start.. Pure lust.. And I'm hoping that we'll see that grow into pure love as we keep reading.. Oh, and of course more of that lust too! *wink wink*

I thought this was a great read, and I cant wait to start the next one!