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Up to You & Down to Me (I Need You So Much Closer, #2) - lemyh

Don’t you just hate it when it’s the last line of the story that gives you teary eyes, because then you can’t try to suppress the tears by reading on, no you just sit there feeling quite empty for a second, because hey, this great story is over, and you have tears in your eyes, and really, how is this your life?!

So this is a Teen Wolf, Stiles and Derek fic, and it’s the sequel to: I Need You So Much Closer.

In this story the two idiots start where they left off in the first one, but of course drama happens and they have to fight for their lives once again. But do they also have to fight for their relationship, or is that a ‘mateship’ ? Well, don’t ask them about being ‘mates’ ok? Because that’s a hot topic.. Literally speaking..

Once again I really loved the story, because yes, there is drama, but there are also a lot of feelings, and Derek being a stupid boyfriend, and an awesome Stiles being a great boyfriend, and it’s just really one big happy get-to-gether of feelings and werewolves and badass humans.

All in all this a great 2nd story in this great universe

4 stars..

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