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I Need You So Much Closer (I Need You So Much Closer, #1) - lemyh

This is a Teen Wolf, Stiles and Derek fanfic also known as ”Sterek” or the life stealers.

Anyone have a life while also having Sterek in it? Is there life away from Sterek? Honestly I wouldn’t even know, all I know is Sterek.


So this is as canon compliant as it gets, which means it’s my kind of story, ok? I LOVE when the storyline doesn’t go crazy AU, and this definitely doesn’t, so yes, it means I loved it.

This fic starts up right after Derek kills Uncle Pete, and for some reason Stiles feels a quick ache in that same moment. Why, he doesn’t know, but quickly a certain Sourwolf figures something isn’t right… or is it very right?

There are hunters, feelings, kisses, oblivious Scott, jackass Jackson, possessive Derek and smart-ass Stiles, so what’s not to like? Nothing, that’s what!

It’s a 72k fic, its canon compliant, it’s funny, its sweet, it’s amazing..

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