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Hue, Tint and Shade (Petit Morts, #1)

Among the Living (PsyCop #1) - Jordan Castillo Price This was a quick and very funny story..

Vic, the PsyCop, had me a 100% when he thought this after a couple of pages into the book..

"Cripes. Jacob Marks kissed me, sorta, and I was too busy choking on a pill to get into it."

Ok, if you havent read it, you should do it just because of Vic.. Wow, I loved that dude.. So freakin funny.. That one line right there, and I was in love with him.. Granted I fall in love with every guy, that makes me laugh, gay or not, but still.. ;)

This was a great short story, and I cant wait to return to the world where Vic hangs out.. I miss him already..