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Letters to Brendan - Ashley Bloom

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I like the premise of this story, but that’s about it.

This is a book or story written through letters, at first, from a woman to her ex-boyfriend.

The woman is in an abusive relationship, and she writes, at first, to someone who “knew her” before she lost herself in this current relationship, but quickly it turns to a cry for help.
The ex-boyfriend doesn’t answer..

Then something happens and she gets a reply..

Anywho. Like I said, the premise is very good, the storyline is just too unbelievable to be.. believed.  Why write the ex-boyfriend for such a long time with no reply? Why won’t you leave your husband without your girls, but then write the ex-boyfriend you would leave for him? If your husband won’t let you out of the house while he is away, how come you can pick up the mail? And would you really use your address as the “return address” if your husband beats you, when another man looks at you? Maybe a secret PO address would be better. But then again, how would you pick that up, if you can’t get out of the house. You write that the last straw is your husband touching your girls, but then when it happens, it’s not enough? And really, all it takes to convince you that you should leave your husband who beats you[leave your husband who beats you (hide spoiler)] is 300 dollars? Really?

Anyway. The premise is good, the facts in the story?  Not so good.