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Young Love in the 90's: 15 IM Conversations - Brandon Reed

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Some times I wonder if its too easy to “publish” writings these days.. And especially after ‘reading’ something like this. I mean.. Really, what’s the point?

I love anything epistolary, which this is, because it’s a “book” written through IM messages between a 14 year old girl and boy.

The “Author” starts out by saying that this is 15 IM conversations he had when he was 14.

I wonder if the “author” read this before “publishing” it? Did you give it to friends or family before you decided to publish it? Did they all come back saying that “Wow.. This is sooo good! These 15 IM chats need to be published!

Did they? If yes?

They were lying..

Because really.. This is 15 copy/pasted IM chats about how much a 14 year old boy wants to kiss the popular girl at school, as well as a lot of “lol’s”, “hehehe’s” and “j/k’s”.

It absolutely makes no sense what-so-ever to publish this.

If you want to be a writer, why not write the actual story? Write what happened to the nerdy kid who fell “in love” with the popular girl? Ok, so that has been done – a lot – but it would still be more useful than this. Because really, what’s the point of publishing 15 copy/pasted IM chats?!