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Me, Myself and I - Natasha Duncan-Drake

((Freebie on Amazon/Kindle))

For a freebie this was very good.

Even when the main guy actually got banged… by himself…

Yes.. That’s what I said..

This is a short story about a guy, Tristan, who’s an actor. At the wrap party for his latest movie, he gets a knock in the head, passes out and wakes up in the world of the movie he just wrapped..

Where he, of course, meets his evil self..

And.. you know.. gets jiggy with it..

It may sound weird, but it wasn’t at all.

I’m surprised myself, but I really liked it, and for some reason I actually want the evil dude to come back for him.. self?… because he misses himself and they are clearly meant to be..

Oh wow.. I should be a sci-fi m/m writer, huh? No?

Sex with yourself or not, I really liked it and its defo a 4 star rating on my freebie scale..

Very close to being my first 5 star freebie, actually..