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Letters From Elsewhere - Bryan Young

((Freebie on Amazon/Kindle))

So, I’m an epistolary slut.. There, I said it.. I love anything written in letters, diaries, postcards, notes, whatever.. You name it, I’ll buy it - or even better – get it free off Amazon for my Kindle!

And in comes this book – or short story as it is..

Its 6 very short stories written in different forms. Letters, postcards and so on.

The one I liked the most was also the one that I didn’t believe..

Wait.. What?

There is a “Love letter” story, and the guy writes he’s drunk as he’s writing the first part..

Let me tell you – I have been the writer of one too many drunk love emails letters” and therefore I know that, no matter how “not drunk” you might be feeling as you’re writing this heartfelt note, full of emotion and sadly more drunk emotion, there will always be spelling mistakes in drunk emails/letters.. That is simple the law and I don’t care if you’re Shakespeare or Stephen King, you will never write as beautiful a drunk love letter as this was..

It really was beautiful and trust me.. Drunk emails letters? Yeah.. So not beautiful..

And I have lots of emails in my “sent folder” to prove that..


I liked these short stories, but it is very short, like very, very short. But it was free and it was letters, and so I’m happy..

3 stars.