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Ponies - Kevin Griffis

((Freebie on Amazon/Kindle))

First of all you need to know that I’m very scared of horses.. Like, the kind of ‘scared’ a person is when they got bit when they were 10, by a big, giant-ass horse.. Like, by a ginormous horse.. Seriously, a monster of a horse. Ok, I’m sure you get the picture.. Yes, I was bit, and yes, I’m freaking scared of horses…

So when I was snooping some free Kindle books and came upon this blurb:

“Ponies. Cute, desired by children, bloodthirsty.”

I had to get it.. Because you know, Ponies? Bloodthirsty? So true!

This is some fucked up weirdness though.. I mean.. I can’t even tell you what it’s about..

Seriously.. I don’t know what I just read..

Ok, so there are horses.. From another planet? And they have helmets? That make them talk? And smirk? And did the world just end? Wait.. WHAT?

I have no idea..

Freebies.. You win some… You mostly lose some..