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Sea of Idiots - Thom Young

((Freebie on Amazon/Kindle))

Max is back!

If you’ve read my review of
Suck then you already know how this book is written, but if not let me tell you..

Max is 35. Max lives at home. Max is weird. Max likes buttermilk. Max likes chicken too.

Ok, you get it.. Once again, this is pretty much how the book or short story is written, and once again it doesn’t bother me at all. I liked this, a lot more than I liked 'Suck'.


This time Max isn’t a blood sucking vamp though, but a 35-year-old-still-living-at-home-loser (sorry, but he is) and it works! Max made me snort laugh smile more than once with his “Mom, get me this, Mom get me that” routine. The first scene where he asked her to go away and come back with some hot food, and where he then asks “Who is it?” when she knocks on the door 5 minutes later? Genius! (Especially when she’s the only other person living in the house with him!)

I really liked this, and for a freebie it’s definitely 4 stars.