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Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf - lielabell

This is a Sterek fanfic, a.k.a Stiles and Derek from the TV show ”Teen Wolf.”


And holy mother of sweet baby Jesus!


I mean.. Wow.. Just… Wow..


So.. yeah.. This story pretty much wins the internet when it comes to hurt/comfort stories. There’s just a lot of hurt in this one, you know, and when it comes to Stiles and Derek, and feelings of hurt, well, yeah, that pretty much leaves me like this through the whole fucking story!





And I was just like…






Because the hurt.. The fucking hurt in this story.. Oh, it hurts.. My goddamn heart! Oh, and I cried.. Fuck, I cried.. And don’t think that it was some Disney crap with one tear rolling down my cheek, nahh.. I don’t do the easy shit.. I was full on bawling my eyes out..






This is a future fic too, so you don’t have 16 year old Stiles and his teenage feelings, no, this takes Stiles and Derek to a whole other place.. and that place? Ohh, my heart!!


All because of what..


These two.. And I’ve said it before, but don’t mind saying it over and over again, because look at them..





Just look at these two life ruiners...






How can you not love these two, and how can your heart not break for them when it just doesn’t go their way, or when they are just too. fucking. stupid. To see what’s right under their nose, and yes, I’m still talking about the story, and Holy Fuck  - this is just sooo good.. And its hurts sooo much. But sometimes it’s just so fucking good to hurt this bad..


5 stars and about a million more..

Source: http://archiveofourown.org/works/429414?view_full_work=true