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His Only Defence - LunaCanisLupus_22

A Teen Wolf/Stiles & Derek fanfic..

It’s a slightly AU where Derek comes into the town as an Alpha in a world where everyone now knows about wolves, and the first person he meets is a mouthing-off, super sarcastic Stiles, and so their story begins..

At first I was highly skeptical, because of their meeting, but that was quickly scratched… All because of Stiles, and the way he was written..

I can understand why some might have a problem with this story and the way it’s written, because it’s literally 122.000 words of Stiles’ ADHD/ADD, hyper, insane thoughts and feelings. I mean.. Try being around Stiles 24/7? Thankfully I love Stiles more than I can even begin to tell you, so I had no problems with this story or the writing what-so-ever! I actually loved how you could really “feel” Stiles through this, and I think the author captured Stiles’ (let’s be honest here) way-too-hyper thoughts and feelings perfectly..

Even though the story does take place in an AU, it’s still soooo close to the actual Teen Wolf world that you have no problems imagining all the people or the places..

All in all, I thought this was a great story, full of sarcasm, feelings, and lots and lots of biting... ;)

4 stars!