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Electricity In the Contact  - ladyblahblah

You know you’ve made some wrong (or very right?!) life choices, when finding a 27k fanfic makes you fucking squeal, just because it’s tagged with ‘fake/pretend relationship’ and you actually haven’t read it before!

Because yes people, fake/pretend relationship + Sterek = My kind of kink, ok?



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Granted, that might just be one of my many, many! Sterek kinks, but oh well, I digress.

This is a fic where Derek needs to go to an Alpha convention (OMG, I need to go too!) and to avoid getting set up with a random mate at the convention, he needs to bring his own. And in comes Stiles. Who, sweet as he is, volunteers. Kinda. Not really. But then again, yes, he does.

One of my other Sterek kinks is scenting.. Grrr.. I mean.. the idea of Derek running his nose slowly up Stiles’ neck, because he can’t help himself, because Stiles just smells so good. Stiles just smells like his, you know? Want. Need. Ughh.. [insert me shivering].

Wait.. Where was I going with this? Oh..

Anyway, so yeah, a lot of scenting going on in this, and it’s amazing! I absolutely LOVED this fic!

It’s very fluffy, but hey, sometimes a girl just needs some Sterek fluff, ok?



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*SWOON* Best. Gif. Ever.

Source: http://archiveofourown.org/works/664623/chapters/1213111