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Permanent Fixture  - linksofmemories

A Teen Wolf/Stiles & Derek fanfic.

I legit still have tears in my eyes after reading this amazing story.

Wow.. Just wow..

It’s an AU where Derek is Scotts older brother who finds himself in love with his brothers best friend, Stiles. But it’s just so much more than that. Its very AU plot wise, since hello, no wolves, but I had no problem picturing all the characters from the show. And this is a 100% Derek POV, which sometimes can be a bit too broody, but this.. this was just amazing..

There were some things I found weird though. The fact that Derek was an A-level dirty talker, but wouldn’t even kiss his own boyfriend.. FOR YEARS?!

Yeah, that whole “not until you’re 18” plot was a bit too Amish and Mormon-ish, but whatevs. It didn’t take away from the feeling of the story, which I guess is why my eyes are still red from the tears I couldn’t help but shed.. Damn you emotional Derek!

4 stars. (Without the no-kiss-policy it would defo have been 5 stars)

Favorite quote:

"“Yeah,” Stiles said, sliding off of the island. “It is time for presents.”

“And are you ready for yours?” Derek asked.

“Is it your dick in a box?” Stiles asked, looking a little too hopeful.

“No, I can’t say that it is,” Derek said."

Source: http://archiveofourown.org/works/518387/chapters/915659