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Say Something  - onrooftops

A Teenwolf and Stiles/Derek fanfic.

And what a great one too!

My fave fanfics are always the ones that stay as close to the actual Teenwolf plot, well, added some Sterek awesomeness, of course, and this fic really does that.

The storylines revolve around the new Alpha pack and also Stiles trying to find his new place in the pack. For some reason he’s only calm when Derek is around and that leads to kissing, and later on awkward dinner dates including Papa Stilinski! (Honestly, even in fanfics Papa Stilinski wins everything!)

All in all this is a great fanfic, with a very true storyline, lots of angst but, of course, with lots of comfort too! ;)

4 stars.

Source: http://archiveofourown.org/works/514231/chapters/907232