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Trust Fall - Stoney123
I don’t even know what to say. It’s like.. Umm.. No matter what I say here, no matter what I tell you or write, it will never really explain how much I LOVED this story!

I never once teared up while reading this story, not until the end that is, but then it was tears over the fact that the fanfic was over and I wanted more! OMG, I so want more!! My heart is legit hurting right now, because the story is over! How is that even real life?!

How is this story even real life? Ok, it’s not, but semantics

This is a Teen Wolf, Stiles & Derek fanfic and its fucking amazing is what it is..

It’s one of the longest I’ve ever read, I think, and right now I just wish it could have gone on forever and ever.

It’s a body!swap fic, and its TW canon up until season 2, and did I mention it was amazing?

photo 123456_zps9062e607.gif

Body!swap fics can be done really bad or really well, and sometimes there is a really fine line between the two. This is easily the best body!swap I’ve read, and not only that, this story is also one of the best fics I‘ve ever read! And we all know how many of those I’ve read, do we not? Yes, we do.

Thanks to Uncle Pete, Stiles and Derek find themselves in each other’s bodies, and this is how this story begins..

I knew I was going to love it, when one of the first lines I read was:

“Freaking asshole attractive poltergeist werewolf douchebag jerkface with perfect aim.”

Because if that is not one of the best and most accurate descriptions of Derek I have ever read, I don’t know what it. That line set the bar very high for me and amazingly the bar just kept rising.

It’s a looong fic, and its slooow build, and there are feelings, and hugs, and feelings and so much scenting I can’t even.. [insert me shivering]

It’s just… So good!

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