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The Burgess Boys - Elizabeth Strout
So about halfway through this book, I posted that I liked it, I just didn’t know why, because nothing had happened..

Honestly, at that point, I was thinking: Ok, granted, it’s weird that I’m halfway through, and nothing exciting or dramatic or just something had happened yet, but ok, there were still a lot of pages left, so I let it go, and read on, because as I said, I did like it..

So now, that I’m done, I can let you all know, that no, nothing did in fact happen in the last 50% of the book either..

You might be wondering: “Well, Camilla, it’s a 336 page book, something must have happened?

And yes, you got me, stuff happened, I guess. Like.. I don't know. Looking at the neighbors. Feeding of the dog. You know, exciting stuff like that?

It’s a story about 3 siblings in their 50’s that come together because of one, count it, ONE incident that happens early on. I guess that is literally “something that happens” in the book, but sadly it isn’t dramatic in any way. Any way.

It could have been about Jim, Bob or Susan’s (the siblings, btw) trip to the nearest 7/11, that’s how exciting that incident turned out to be.

Ok, we do also have Jim’s incident 90% later in the book, but again = Zzzzzz

Nothing happened!

The weird thing is, I did like it, or I liked the writing, I should say. It’s an easy read, and you do want to like the characters, it’s just hard when nothing happens!