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Fleur de Lys - Ranger I think I'll do my review before I give it any stars.. Wouldnt know what to give it now anyways..

This is a free online read.. A story about English soldiers during the 1st WW.. Mostly its about Dev and Cowan.. A young Captain and an older private finding each other during the war..

Dev, the young Captain, suffers from severe PTSD after the war, and Cowan is the only one that can help him through it..

I think that pretty much sums it up..

I liked these two, I really did.

I thought it had a vague beginning, so many names to keep track of, and it took me 6 chapters before I was certain that Cowan was the love interest and not Cam (one of those names you have to keep track of).

I did like Dev a lot though, and I think I'll add a extra star for him..

2 for the story, 1 extra for Dev and Cowan..