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One Last Lie - Rob Kaufman ((Freebie on Amazon/Kindle))

This was one of those rare freebies, where you’re not quite sure if you would actually have paid money for it, after finishing it. Most freebies go straight to the “Pay? For this? Hell no!” shelf.

This I’m not sure where belongs.. Because it’s good. It is. The writing is fine and I only remember 1 typo, so for a freebie? Yeah, that’s pretty good.

The premise is ok too. It’s about Philip and Jonathan, two guys living life together. They really want a kid and one day Philip’s old college friend, Angela pops back into his life – Angela also wants a kid - perfect match? That ends up being a really, really bad idea though..

[insert spooky sound]

Sounds pretty good, right?

The thing is..

You kinda get the ending on the first page.. And you kinda figure out the actual “surprise plot” 50% in..

This means, that I think this should have been a lot shorter. Which is why I did a lot of skimming through the last part and also why I can only give it 2,5 stars.