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Naked Temptation - Jay Di Meo ((Freebie on Amazon/Kindle))

This was a very good freebie!

The end..

No? Ok, this short story is about Daniel who ran away from home at the age of 16 – joins a monastery and becomes a monk. So far so good.

Suddenly he encounters this ‘dream demon’ who comes to him every night while trying to get Daniel to the dark side.. Well, ok I just made that up, but he really does think there's a demon seducing him every night – which of course isn’t really that good if you’re a monk.. Both the “seducing part” but probably also the “demon is another man!” part.. Then again, monks only live with other men, so….

I’m kidding! (Monks don’t even have sex – least of all with other men! ;)

Anyway, so there’s this demon – who isn’t really a demon – but a guy called Nathan..

And aww.. So cute! These two guys are just really cute.. And it’s a very, very hot cute story!

4 stars on my freebie scale.