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Can't Stop - Miya Kressin
(Freebie on Amazon/Kindle)

This is a very, very cute story about two young best friends falling in love..

And really its not even that, cause this is a short story, 16 pages short long, so we're only getting to know the basics of this story and these two lives.

BFF's, falling in love, had one kiss, moved away, waited 10 years, met at old High School, married two years later..

I read this on my way to work (Note to self; perfect length for that trip btw, need to remember that) and I'm a HEA-loving girl, so I really had to bite the inside of my cheek, to not get all teary eyed at that big "moment" at the High School..

In the world of "real length books" this is defo not 4 stars, but in the world of "freebies on my Kindle that are 16 pages long" ? This is DEFO 4 stars!