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Seduced by the Storm (ACRO, #3) - Sydney Croft

Once again I really couldnt care less about the main couple, 'cause these books are all about Creed and The Swede and Dev and Oz for me..

And what a difference a book makes..

We finally got Creed and The Swede together-together.. As in The Swede choosing Creed over Dev.. Yay Swede!

They even made me tear up! Which sucked cause when that happened it was the end of a Creed/Swede chapter, so there I was all teared up and then I had to read about the main couple.. Which got rid of my teary eyes pretty quickly..

Then there was Dev and Oz..

What. The. Fuck.

Hell no, I dont want to read about.... what I think I'm going to have to read in the next couple of books..

I want Dev and Oz, God dammit!