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Riding the Storm (ACRO, #1) - Sydney Croft
It feels almost wrong to review this book.. Up until the 75% mark I hated the main couple, and skimmed a lot of their scenes only reading the parts where they actually talked.. And with these two? This weather couple? Talking wasnt really their main concern..

Sex on the other hand? Well, they got that covered..

I loved the side stories right from the beginning though, and if it hadnt been for those, Creed and the Swedish chick, later Dev too, then I wouldnt have made it though this book.. That whole "Hi, we just met, now lets have sex and pretend we're in love" bullshit isnt my thing at all.. And yes, I know its "erotica" but then dont use the word love, if you want me to believe it.. Wait.. Do one "believe" in erotica? o_O


I dont know what happened, but the main couple stopped sucking (pun intended, btw) after about 75% and I started to actually read their scenes.. *gasp* Creed still kicks ass, as do the Swede, Wyatt and Ender.. And Dev! I need to meet Oz.. Please?

All in all this started out a DNF, and actually ended up as a 4 star rating, but with how much I disliked the weather couple for most of the book, I have to take one away..

3 stars..